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The Sacrificing Mother dives deep into the world of
Laney Rhodes, a 17 year old girl, who loves nothing more than to surf.
Laney’s life has never be smooth sailing or easy going. To be blunt her
mother is an escort/stripper/sexual favors kind of a woman. Yes, to be
exact Rubee Rhodes was quite the scandal, who had an inappropriate
relationship with alcohol.
Of course we cannot commence the storytelling process
without justifying the backstory and whence it began. So all aboard
criminals and lovers let’s enter the winding roads and deserted isles of
a girl named Laney Rhodes.
There should always be two types of pregnancy tests. One,
being for women who has established themselves in society or who are 30
years of age or older. The other one that is so apparently portrayed in
my mind’s eye. Is for all those teenagers, those sweethearts running off
to do the act they think will last forever. Guess what in denial
tweens, it doesn’t!
So instead of the occasionally two lines or plus sign, for
the youth of our nation there should be two replies for breaking the
news: For NO it should state in all caps and in bold big blinking
letters CONGRATS! As it shoots out confetti.  If you happen to be as
unlucky as I am, then you would read the equivalent to the overused
acronym FML. These three letters do not blink or congratulate you, they
stand tall and wide. Your future is carved into a plastic flamingo lawn
ornament, instead of an honoree plaque as a college graduate.
Oh, if only I could just take this worry, and surf the
angst away. My, wouldn’t everyday be a little bit brighter! So, you’re
wondering who the guy is that so kindly invested in me with his sperm.
Well, I fell in love for the first time that summer or maybe the second,
the second time I am still a little unsure about… Audience members meet
the boys; Noah Adler, 19 year old college bound, gorgeous, virgin
galore. Briton Clark, 22 year old bodyguard at my mother’s strip club.
One night she finds definite disaster in the blue eyes of Briton and
pure romance with Noah. The heart throbs have turned tables on her and
cupid is now calling her out stupid.

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S.M. Bjarnson interview with main character Laney Rhodes.

SM-  Laney you’ve grown up and experienced the oddest of predicaments. To be honest you have not had the best living situations or easy upbringing!

LR- I think everybody can say they didn’t have an easy channel for maturity. Although not many mothers are hookers, like mine.

SM- Do you ever have regrets in your life, Laney?

LR- Not as many as I thought I would at this point. There have been items in my life that people categorize as mistakes. But I could never justify a human being as a problem, let alone a mistake.

SM- You are quite brave for sharing your story with thousands of people?

LR- I wouldn’t call it bravery, I just see myself as an example rather than a statistic. I evolve from the situations I have placed myself in, and the story I hope translates a journey of overcoming circumstances.

S.M.’s origin of script commenced at the earliest of eons.
Growing copious ambitious desires to become a novelist.
Once deliberating self-publishing the best option, her first novella The Tangled Tears was published in 2013.  The Circus in Me, published April 2014. The Sacrificing Mother her 3rd book, and first full length novel coming into print October 2014. A young adult novel about the sweet temptations of love and surfing.
Clean of ink stains and paper cuts, she dabbles in scrap-booking & wood crafts, and enjoys cooking. S.M. lives in Idaho with her husband and son.
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Links to The Tangled Tears

 Links to The Circus in Me

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